Everyone has a story and so do I.

Since I was a child, my main interests have been nature and music. When I became a teenager, my interest in music turned me into a Professional DJ, as a side job for a couple of years. After that I had a wonderful period, the toddler period, which made it impossible to be a DJ, but I continued to mix music in the studio, for fun, also got more time for nature and tried to teach my children as much as possible about all that exciting things that are out there.


In 2012 I got divorced and at that time I decided to buy a camera, Nikon – not Canon - :-) which levelled my interest in nature. I've always wanted to photograph all those magical moments in nature and now it was time to learn how to do it.


In the music section you can listen to “DJ H Strandberg” mixes and on the photo pages you can see some of my magical moments in nature. It is my intention for you to enjoy yourself here and I would appreciate it if you would like to send feedback.





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