All people have a story and so do I.
Since I was a child, my main interests have been nature and music. When I was younger, my interest in music and goal seeking made me to a Professional DJ, as an extra job for a few years, so there was unfortunately not so much time left for the nature.

After that I had a wonderful period when I had my own children, which made it impossible to be a DJ, but then I mixed music in my studio, also got some time for nature and tried to teach my children as much as possible about all the exciting things that are out there in the nature.

I divorced back in 2012 and decided to buy a camera, which came to lift up the interest in nature to a completely new level. I have always wanted to photograph all those magical moments in nature and now it was time to learn how to do and seek new goals.

In the music section you can listen to DJ H Strandberg mixes and in the photo pages you will see some of my magic moments in the nature. It is my intention that you should enjoy your stay here.

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