Nature & Wildlife

I have been interested in nature since the age of 5 years when my uncle Leif asked if I wanted to join him and go out birdwatching. I remember It was very exciting and this was also the start of a long, very nice relationship that is maintained even today and a deeply rooted interest in nature and environment.

My interest in nature is also an important source of relaxation and recovery from lifestress. In 2012 I divorced and decided to get new equipment and pick up the nature interest more seriously. I've always wanted to photograph all that magical moments in nature, never had the opportunity, but now it was time to learn how to do it.

When I'm out in nature i try to find a beautiful place where I just can sit down and let the nature come to me. The three main keys to get success with nature photos is to have time, luck and patience. I like to take pictures of Birds, Animals, Flowers, Landscapes and Environments.
Below you will find galleries with a selection of my magic Moments.




Landscape & Environment